CDD Property Damage Update

As of 11:30 a.m. on Friday, September 30, 2022, we are in the process of assessing the CDD property for damages.  If you see any damage, please report it via email to Anna Ramirez @  [email protected].  Please understand it may take days or even weeks to get these issues fixed. 

Natural Buffer Areas Policy Statement:

The following is the policy statement of the District as it regards the natural tree protection, wetland and upland buffer areas that are scattered in large numbers throughout the Community. The policy statement is consistent with the policies of other governments including Hillsborough County, and Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) as it regards their natural, conservation tree protection and wetland conservation/preservation areas:

The natural areas are not intended to be maintained. These areas are to be left untouched to allow for nature to take its normal course. Vegetation that dies including, but not limited to trees, are left to fulfill their role in nature’s process.

Trees, within or immediately adjacent to these areas that have died and appear to pose a threat of falling and damaging an abutting property owner’s property may be addressed as follows: Such abutting property owner must initially contact the District. The District will send a representative to confirm that the tree in question is located on District property. Once confirmed, the District will send an arborist to determine whether the tree poses a hazard. If so, and at its discretion, the District will remedy the situation by removing the tree or a portion thereof. If it is determined that the tree does not pose a hazard, the property owner may elect to cut or remove the tree at their own expense. Such abutting property owner must secure permission from the District and shall then be responsible for any needed permitting or review by Hillsborough County and SWFWMD. The goal of permitted trimming and/or removal, where warranted, is to minimize disturbance to these areas.

If a tree does fall onto another’s property, that property owner has the right to cut back or limb the tree as necessary to their property line. The rest of the tree is to be left as is. This would also pertain to normal maintenance, which would allow an owner to trim back any encroaching vegetation to their property line. No one can encroach into the natural areas for any reason, from maintenance to placement of personal property of any kind. Should a property owner encroach onto District property they will be asked to remove any items they have placed on the property. Should a property owner remove, cut back or damage District property in these areas they will be subject to reimbursement to the District for all costs associated with restoring the area in accordance with District, Hillsborough County, Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) and any other state regulatory agency standards and regulations.

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